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Plummer Landing Technical Swiftwater Rescue Incident

Chief's Corner - April 17th 2019 Swift Water Rescue Remarks

I would like to commend all of our members who were at the Plummer Landing Technical Swiftwater Rescue incident on Wednesday evening of this week. This was an extreme rescue situation due to the strong current in the river, the remote location and in the darkness. I am extremely proud of your coordinated efforts to make this a successful outcome. Your training as well as your ability to overcome many different obstacles that came up during the incident was on display at its fullest. As the Chief of this department your teamwork and comradery amongst all of our members was inspiring. Although there was no media hype for this incident, your efforts did not go unnoticed, you should all be proud of what you were able to accomplish to make this a successful effort.

Safely yours,

David White

Fire Chief

3 Responses

  1. A tip of the cap to all of the members of the NFD! – This type of info should be in the local media! – Local heroes, every one of you. Congrats to you all. Nice job Chief White bringing this to the attention of the community!

  2. Mere words cannot express how grateful our family is to have our loved one rescued, and safe. We can’t imagine what we would have done without you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts

  3. we are so lucky to have such a great fire department thanks to all of you for keeping the town and residents safe
    Linda Skillen

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