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Fire Cadets

Northbridge Fire Department Cadet Program

Learn what its like to be a Firefighter.

Fire cadets play an important role in assisting fire department personnel . The cadet program is also a great way to encourage young people to go into firefighting careers and EMS programs.

Our program will be aimed at Northbridge students (high school aged) who are interested in becoming a firefighter.  

If interested please complete the form below.

Northbridge Fire Department


We are looking for cadets of high school age (15-18).

No. Cadets can be enrolled in any school in Northbridge or even Home Schooled in Northbridge as long as they fall within the age range stated above.

This program will run from July 29th 2019 through August 2nd 2019.

No. Due to safety issues, Cadets will not be allowed to fight live fires at this time.

Fire Cadet Program Information Request