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Vehicle Fire Safety

It’s important to act quickly if your car catches on fire.

If your vehicle catches fire:

  • Pull over as quickly as you can when it is safe.
  • Once you have stopped, turn off the engine.
  • Get everyone out of the car. Never return to a burning car. Do not try to fight
    the fire yourself.
  • If you think there is a fire under the hood or trunk, do not open it. This could
    cause the fire to grow.
  • Move everyone at least 100 feet from the burning car and well away from traffic.
  • Call 911.

To prevent a vehicle fire:

  • Have your car serviced regularly by a trained mechanic.
  • Keep gas cans or propane tanks away from passengers. Tightly seal and
    place them on a flat surface to make sure they stay upright.
  • Keep windows open to stop fumes from building up if you must put gas
    cans or propane tanks inside your vehicle.
  • Drive safely to avoid an accident.
vehicle fire satety

** Information above is provided  by the U. S. Fire Administration **